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We're here to support you

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for family members.  The Pastor and staff of Immanuel will help you make plans for the final farewell of your loved one.  Please call the Pastor as soon as possible to plan the service.  If you have Bible verses which were meaningful to your loved one or to your family and hymns that you love, please remember those and bring them along to the meeting with the Pastor.

At this time of grief at the loss of a loved one and our joy in the resurrection, we at Immanuel seek to provide a caring community in which to celebrate a life now with God and to share memories.

A Service of Worship

The Christian funeral is a service of worship and should involve all those present.  Funerals today are held in various places outside the church, but seldom should the locations preclude congregational participation.  The funeral serves a support function such that the religious, social, and emotional needs of the mourners are met.

Location of Worship Service

The funerals of practicing Christians should be in the parish church, the place where their lives of worship have centered.  In this setting, congregational singing should be encouraged and participation in the prayers should be taken for granted certainly to the extent of saying “Amen” and joining in the Lord’s Prayer.


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