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Getting Married at Immanuel 

What is a Wedding?

A church wedding is, first and foremost, a service of worship.  The community gathers to join the couple in worshipping Christ and giving thanks for God’s blessings.  The couple share their vows in this worship setting, and present their marriage as an offering to God.  The church is a house of prayer, a sacred space.  Having a church wedding only because it is a beautiful place and has a center aisle is not appropriate.

A church wedding is a congregational event.  Church weddings grow out of a history of being a part of the life of a congregation.  A wedding is most meaningful when the bride and/or groom have been involved in the life of the church and know the community.  If you or your partner are not active members, the pastor will suggest that you take part in the worship life of the congregation so that you may be a part of the faith community.

What is the “Rite of Marriage”

The service is based on approved resources used in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Questions like “who gives this woman to this man?” and “do you promise to obey” are not used in ELCA marriage liturgies.  The celebration of Holy Communion is offered if the couple wishes, with participation open to all who are gathered.  In the case that friends or relatives are ministers, other clergy are welcomed to help in the service upon consent of the Pastor from Immanuel Lutheran Church.


All weddings conducted by a pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church are to be held in the Sanctuary of Immanuel Lutheran Church.  In rare circumstances, a wedding may be held at another location.



The Pastor

Scheduling a wedding will guarantee a service on the church calendar for that date.  The Pastor will then plan to meet with the couple for logistical and pre-marital consulting.  Counseling is a way of addressing issues such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, religion, parenting, etc., which are a part of any relationship.  Pre-marital counseling does not necessarily mean that your relationship is in trouble, but is a great way to strengthen your relationship. 

The Date

The date of your wedding should be set well in advance.  To schedule a wedding, fill out and turn in a “TO DO” REGISTRATION which is available in the church office.  The church does not conduct weddings during Lent, Holy Week, Vacation Bible School or the second weekend of December through New Year’s Day.

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